Technical specifications



  • Octavian Goga Boulevard, entrance from Perticani Road, Voluntari


We use 3D - BIM design, to optimize all the processes.


The structure is designed by Popp și Asociații. In order to offer flexibility to the built space, it was decided to use a reinforced concrete floor with contoured support, thus eliminating the beams arranged inside the rooms. The level of seismic safety is 20% higher than that applied for most residential buildings.

Thermal insulation

The buildings will be insulated with 10 cm thick basalt wool ensuring the highest energy standards for the building.


It is done through environmentally friendly neighborhood plants (less pollution), which have the highest thermal efficiency in the world for a gas plant, helping to reduce the cost of heating by at least 40% for every home.

Ventialted facade

For h4l THE VILLAGE we will use an HPL ventilated facade for a greater resistance in time, structural, aesthetic, that allows the walls to ”breathe”.

Sound insulation

It is made with basalt wool on the outside and insulation between floors, brick walls (30 cm outside, 12 cm inside the house).

PARADOR flooring - Germany

All houses will have PARADOR premium fooring - Germany.

Underfloor heating

The heating pipes are hidden in the floor so that you can enjoy comfort and not have unsightly pipes in the house.


Premium Romanian entrance doors, interior doors provided by a German manufacturer.

Sanitary ware - Ideal Standard

The sanitary ware is from Ideal Standard - with a warranty up to 25 years.

Ceramic tiles - Spain, Italy

For high quality and refinement we chose ceramic wall and floor tiles made in Spain and Italy.


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