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Below we want to show you how h4l THE VILLAGE respects h4l promise and, implicitly, the 36 points

Bring joy into life

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru cei care vor mai mult, h4l, home 4 life, randare exterioară, patrata

1. Achitecture

h4l THA VILLAGE has a modern, balanced architecture made by CUBE Architecture, with focus on preserving and enhancing the green area on the lake shores, but also respecting our concept – bring joy into life.

2. Neighborhood location

h4l THE VILLAGE  is located in the north of Bucharest, in a green, secluded and quiet area, 5-minute walk from Pipera Plaza and 5-minute drive from Promenada Mall.

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru cei care vor mai mult, h4l, home 4 life, randare exterioară, patrata

3. Neighborhood orientation

The long side of the neighborhood is oriented in the north-south direction, following the orientation of the lake.

4. Dedicated spaces

The neighborhood will have dedicated spaces for social life, playgrounds, a promenade area along the lake, 1.5 km running track, gym, but also work offices, in two dedicated buildings, with P+3 height regime.

casa pentru viata, h4l, home 4 life, insufleteste viata

5. Types of apartments

At h4l THE VILLAGE you can choose from 15 types of apartments with garden and 5 types of TOWNHOUSE with usable area between 52 and 215 sqm.

6. More space

We design 3D –BIM, optimizing the space. We design 3D – BIM, optimizing the space. We design 3D – BIM, optimizing the space. You will see in the apartment plans how we eliminated hard-to-use spaces, how we allocated enough space for the kitchen, living room, bedrooms (we respect Romanian apartment law 114/1996. In addition, on the ground floor you will have access to all the rooms in the garden, to fully enjoy the green space.

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru cei care vor mai mult, h4l, home 4 life, randare exterioară, patrata

7. Large glazing

Towards the gardens, we designed  large windows, so you can enjoy the sun and the greenery.

8. Garden for each apartment

All h4l THE VILLAGE homes have their own garden, between 35-70 sqm for apartments with garden and 100-200 sqm for TOWNHOUSE.

h4l THE VILLAGE, for those who want more

9. Garden access

In h4l THE VILLAGE, you have access in the garden from each room, so you can fully enjoy the sun and nature.

10. Generous green spaces

On 33% of the neighborhood land plot, meaning – 48 675 sqm we build interior gardens, areas for children and families, a promenade area along the lake and a 4000 sqm park.

sala de fitness in fiecare cartier, h4l, insufleteste viata

11. Common spaces for social life

In the neighborhood, there will be 2 Gf+3F buildings offering  office spaces  (free access),   a gym  dedicated to the neighborhood residents,  a shopping are  a and  a community center.

12. Closed neighborhood with controlled access

h4l THE VILLAGE is a gated community with controlled access, a safe place for children and the whole family as the neighborhood is guarded 24/7.

spatii sigure pentru copii in fata blocului, cartier inchis, securizat, h4l, insufleteste viata

13. Safe play areas

Due to gated community system and apartments with their own garden the children will be safe.

14. High seismic resistance

The structure is designed at the highest standards by Popp şi Asociaţii through 3D – BIM design technique. In addition, the low height regime, Gf+1F, Gf+2F and Gf+3F offers a high safety degree in case of an earthquake.

h4l THE VILLAGE, pentru cei care vor mai mult, h4l, home 4 life, randare exterioară, patrata

15. No cars in the green areas

In h4l THE VILLAGE will be parked in front of the house. On average, there are 1,5 parking spaces available for a family.

16. Increased safety

The heating in ensured through neighborhood heating plants, thus eliminating the risks associated with an apartment heating plant: gas poisoning, explosion, unsightly pipes, overhaul, repairs, low water pressure, noise, changing parts. In addition, you will have more space into the kitchen.

h4l, more peace

17. More quiet

h4l THE VILLAGE is a neighborhood with a low population density. Your place will have no apartments above or below. The sound insulation is provided on the outside through basalt wool and high-quality carpentry.

18. Tall rooms

All apartments are 2,7 m high – thus we manage to bring more natural light inside and amplify the feeling of wide space.

smart, optional, kit for EV charging station

19. Smart technologies

The temperature can be regulated by smart devices that can also be controlled by mobile phone. Optionally we can prepare the necessary kit for an electric car charging station for your apartment with garden or TOWNHOUSE.

20. The house ”breathes”

Thermal insulation is made with 10 cm basalt wool. Basalt wool is a material with a very good vapor permeability (indoor vapors are evacuated outside). The facade is ventilated. This recipe increases the comfort in the house and keeps the humidity inside under control.

More green

h4l THE VILLAGE, for those who want more

21. Harmony with nature

We know how important it is to live in harmony with nature and that we have to preserve it for future generations. h4l THE VILLAGE architecture is harmonized with the natural setting. In addition, you have a large promenade area along the lake.

22. High energetic efficiency

h4l THE VILLAGE promises a decrease of at least 40% in energy consumption compared to the Romanian average through the innovative solutions used (thermal insulation solutions with basalt wool, ventilated facade, neighborhood power plants).

h4l THE VILLAGE, for those who want more, home 4 life, near Bucharest

23. Use of sustainable technical solutions

A significant part of the materials are recyclable, natural or are materials with a low impact on the environment. Also, they have a long lifespan.

24. Low impact on environment

This neighborhood is built in a green area, close to nature, to the ecosystem of Șaulei Lake. We designed and planned everything, including the builder’s steps, to succeed in preserving the green area around the lake.

Efficiency, innovation, transparency

Efficiency, innovation, transparency, h4l, home 4 life, the neighborhood that brings joy into life

25. 3D-BIM design

We design 3D – BIM, thus allowing that all involved teams work in a common software system, everything is optimized, the design risks decrease close to zero.

26. Construction quality management

In the design process we validate everything by 3D modeling, and on site, in absolutely every phase, we compare what is in the field with what is in the 3D plans.

h4l, home 4 life, the neighborhood that brings joy into life

27. Innovation

h4l THE VILLAGE neighborhood represents a unique concept in Romania – each apartment has its own garden. We establish new references for Romania by the fact that each TOWNHOUSE has a large garden with a view and access to the lake.

28. Simplification of all processes

It is very simple to understand whath4l THE VILLAGE offers as you have all the information at hand and always a h4l representative is ready to answer your questions. In addition, we come to your help with the guide for an apartment buyer.

h4l THE VILLAGE, for those who want more, h4l, home 4 life, exterior rendering, square

29. All-inclusive warranty

For h4l THE VILLAGE, all apartments with garden and TOWNHOUSES have 3-year all-inclusive warranty.

30. Lower bills

At h4l THE VILLAGE, due to energy efficiency, we estimate maintenance costs at least 40% lower than the Romanian average.

h4l THE VILLAGE, for those who want more, home 4 life, near Bucharest

31. Post-sale services and neighborhood administration

Are assumed by the developer, everything will be well organized and transparent.

32. Transparency

h4l THE VILLAGE means total transparency, the information about the project is easy to find in the materials we provide. Also, it is very easy to get in contact with a h4l agent – navigate to the contact page!

h4l MILLENNIUM, drumul spre armonie, casa pentru viata, h4l

33. Internal rent management service

For investors, we offer the rent management service, practically, we take care of everything, from collecting the rent to paying the utilities.

34. Quality materials

We don’t compromise on the quality of the materials. We use high quality materials from prestigious international manufacturers. We apply the same rules for services suppliers, from those involved into design and construction to those who provide cleaning services in the neighborhood. Our objective is to provide a quality standard that is common for all the 7 neighborhoods we presently develop.

fericire in familie, visul tau prinde viata, h4l SEBASTIAN, casa pentru viata, h4l

35. Fair price

We optimize the development costs of each neighborhood by using 3D – BIM design and the size of the investment – we develop 6 neighborhoods simultaneously, making material purchases for a large number of apartments – over 4,200.

36. Commitment

By 2035, we aim to build 50,000 apartments in 7 neighborhoods that bring joy to life in Bucharest and Brașov with an investment of over 400 million €.