Ventilated facade – a big plus for residential buildings as well

A big plus for residential buildings Ventilated facade Ventilated facades in Romania aren’t a novelty, but they are mostly used for public buildings (offices, commercial centers, administrative buildings, etc.). In the housing area however, they are a major advantage in relation to the classical thermal system. First of all, we must understand what ventilated facade […]

BIM (Building Information Modeling) Design

BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING BIM design Have you ever wondered how a neighborhood is built? The process is very complex and involves the collaboration of many professionals from different teams: the architecture office, the team of structure engineers, the team of installation (water, electricity, heating) engineers, the team of the constructor, the interior design team, the […]

The joy of living together

The joy of living together We live in a society where individuality and independence prevail. Although, at his foundation, man is a social being, who is meant to live in a community with other people. The developed countries in the west and north o Europe put more and more emphasis on the idea of living […]

Is my apartment safe in case of an earthquake?

Is my apartment safe in case of an earthquake?​ It is said that no building is 100% safe in case of earthquake. A devastating earthquake can even damage the new buildings, built to high codes and standards. But what a builder can do when planning to make a building is to minimize damages for an […]

A healthy child is a happy child

A healthy kid is a happy kid It’s a sad fact that most children nowadays don’t spend time outside in nature, but instead choose indoor activities. As technology has evolved, we can notice an involution of children’s connection with surrounding nature. The principles of life have changed and it is normal to adapt to the […]