What is an apartment with garden

apartment with garden, Bucharest, apartments with garden

What is an apartment with garden About the house that brings joy into life Cities cannot exist without apartments. They are the solution to allow a large number of people to live on relatively small areas, they increase the population density. This results in a number of elements that can be improved, which are related […]

Terrace arrangement – 7 ideas to arrange an apartment terrace

7 ideas to arrange a terrace apartment Terrace arranging Changes in global health have significantly modified our relationship with nature. These made us appreciate more outdoor spaces from our home proximity and the lack of a terrace or a yard determined us to purchase houses that have such spaces. Seen as a valuable space in […]

Mindfulness at home

Mindfulness at home A very fashionable word today, mindfulness has become, for many of us, the promise of a better life. Basically, an affordable practice, mindfulness is a technique extracted from Buddhism, through which people tried to objectively become aware of their thoughts, feelings and sensations, without judging or questioning them. How mindfulness is perceived […]

Factors that influence our well-being at home

Factors that influence our well-being at home Recent studies have shown that if we want to improve our health and well-being, there is no other more relevant place to start this process than at home. And that because here we spent most of our life: around 90% indoor, from which 65% is spent at home. […]

Installment or rent? Vezi care variantă e mai avantajoasă și de ce.

which is more advantageous and why Installment or rent? Changing a job or maybe a new family member are strong enough reasons to make an important change in your life: choosing a new home. When the time comes for such a change, most of us have 2 options: Purchasing the future apartment by mortgage Renting […]

Advantages of thermal insulation with basalt wool

Advantages of thermal insulation with basalt wool Lately, in Romania, basalt wool has started to be used more and more often for thermal insulation of facades. The main features of using basalt wool to insulate buildings is that it allows the walls to breathe, while being fireproof and very durable over time. We leave below […]

Ventilated facade – a big plus for residential buildings as well

A big plus for residential buildings Ventilated facade Ventilated facades in Romania aren’t a novelty, but they are mostly used for public buildings (offices, commercial centers, administrative buildings, etc.). In the housing area however, they are a major advantage in relation to the classical thermal system. First of all, we must understand what ventilated facade […]

13 key points about the mortgage loan

what to consider when taking a decision 13 key points about the mortgage loan Even if we wrote in the article about the loan for an apartment all the steps you have to make to get a loan, you must know that there are so many variables that no customer looks like another. Because we […]

BIM (Building Information Modeling) Design

BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING BIM design Have you ever wondered how a neighborhood is built? The process is very complex and involves the collaboration of many professionals from different teams: the architecture office, the team of structure engineers, the team of installation (water, electricity, heating) engineers, the team of the constructor, the interior design team, the […]

The joy of living together

The joy of living together We live in a society where individuality and independence prevail. Although, at his foundation, man is a social being, who is meant to live in a community with other people. The developed countries in the west and north o Europe put more and more emphasis on the idea of living […]