Home for life

First and foremost, you must know that H4l (home for life) is a current, a new one for Romania, but with a long history in the West, which supports the idea of homes made for people and for their needs. H4l Development is the company building in Romania the first residential neighborhood intended for persons with average revenues, able to observe the values of the current – home for life.

What does – home for life mean and which are the pillars on which this concept lays down.


Since the designing stage, we optimize each element in order to obtain the best solutions at a fair price and an unbeatable price/quality ratio.


The design represents the key moment of each construction. In order to succeed to optimize, we give maximum importance to this stage.


We know that nature recharges us, helps us relax, therefore, h4l means neighborhoods with plenty of green spaces and especially designed areas for spending time outdoors.

Fair price

We know that sustainable development and long-term relationships are grounding on confidence and transparency, therefore we undertake to always offer the fair price.


We know the joy you feel at home is directly influenced by the quality of the construction, therefore we carefully choose each material and partner.

No vehicles

Only the children cars are visible in our neighborhood, the other ones are parked in underground parking spaces, with outer side exclusive access.


The inner yards are not offering just the green and the silence of the nature, but also the full safety, the children can play outside and you will escape from many worries.


The studies show that inter-human relationships bring the greatest of happiness, therefore social, meeting, spare time areas do not miss.

h4l values


Home is where we “recharge our batteries”, therefore “home” cannot longer be anywhere and be build anyway. H4l Development changes the paradigm, efficiently building warm, cosy residential complexes, it “builds the home which ensouls life”.


We efficiently build the home for life.

West Garden

The first project developed by H4L is West Garden. This project transfers into reality all the values which are grounding H4L and completely changes the manner in which residential complexes are built in Romania.

West Complex is a residential complex in Bucharest, with 6-storey buildings, with an inside children-safe area, green areas which occupy more than 25% of the total surface, with optimized inner areas, large surfaces, several glazed areas, terraces for all apartments, underground parking space, near the underground railway and the most important, at a fair price.

You are the core of the project. We change the rules, we know that if everything is perfectly made and you are completely satisfied, we shall win together, on long term. West Garden passes the costs barrier, the profits, the architects who design ineffectively or the ones who design for prizes, West Garden is a home for life project.

What do we do differently?

We are different by purpose and approach. We know that, when things are done perfectly, everyone wins, and, in addition, very long-term relationships are built. We optimize everything in order to provide a better life for every resident – life begins at home.

  • We carefully choose the places to build on
  • we design very well (right of way, water, energy supply, sewerage, parking spaces, green areas, shared premises, apartments layout)
  • we design inner areas to the full for every apartment, regardless its number of rooms or surface and this increases the satisfaction degree of residents
  • we work with efficient suppliers
  • we use quality materials
  • we provide information with maximum of transparency
  • we also make sure that everything is fully operational after the conclusion of the project
  • we set a fair price so we can have a win/win relationship.

h4l team

h4l is a team of passionate people who fully understand the role of architecture in the change of city life



With the same path

We are a team complied of more than 30 people with expertise in various fields. Some of us have many years of expertise in real estate and among us one can find architects, engineers, but also successful business people. We all have the same goal – to build places that can truly become home.


A sole objective

And a global trend

We build houses designed for people. We bring home for life trend from Western countries in Romania. In 2018 h4l Development starts to build West Garden neighborhood in Bucharest, the first one in Romania designed by this home for life global trend.



Every morning

13 000 smiles every morning. We believe in digits and we remember the smiles we saw every morning in the neighborhoods in which construction we were involved. Life begins at home – that is what we have learned in more than 15 years on this market.


million of €

In 15 years

This is the amount of projects we have achieved so far. This amount aggregates residential , commercial and office-building projects. Each year, each new project brought us here, at – h4l – full team designing and creating tomorrow’s neighborhoods.

h4l partners

We know performance may be obtained only with partners who share the same values as us, therefore the selection is carefully made.


Logo h4l 400 w

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to each of our projects in order to see how we build homes designed for people and their needs. You can contact us by phone, by email or by contact form.


Iuliu Maniu Boulevard

Number: 309-317,Bucharest


+40 784 369 369